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Terror Threat Against Denmark Remains Serious

Terrortruslen mod Danmark er fortsat alvorlig

The conclusion drawn by the Center for Terror Analysis in a recently published assessment by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, PET, is alarming.

The Center for Terror Analysis assesses that there is a ‘recognized threat,’ where there is the capacity, intention, and ability to plan terrorism. Several individuals have been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in Denmark or abroad using firearms and homemade bombs.

NEWS: The terror threat against Denmark is serious, according to PET assessment (TV 2, March 31, 2021)

The assessment describes the terrorist threat from militant Islamism, far-right extremism, far-left extremism, and other threats that may have a terrorist character. If a militant Islamist terrorist attack were to occur in Denmark, it is most likely to happen:

• Using readily available means such as firearms or homemade bombs.
• By a small group or an individual.
• Targeting a so-called symbolic target (i.e., individuals, institutions, and events that may be perceived as insulting to Islam).
• Against an unprotected civilian target (a publicly accessible place).

REPORT ‘Assessment of the Terrorist Threat Against Denmark 2021’ (Center for Terror Analysis, CTA)

Lagging behind in physical protection

In Denmark, we focus on monitoring emails, phone calls, and other intelligence. However, we are not as quick to resort to physical protection. At Damasec Physical Protection Systems, we have specialists who work to prevent, delay, and/or mitigate terrorist attacks. As a member of the Security Industry’s Anti-Terrorism Committee, we focus on ensuring that legislators and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors gain a better understanding of physical security when it comes to anti-terrorism tools.

The history of past attacks clearly demonstrates examples where physical security may not have been prioritized enough from a security expert’s perspective – read the articles at Damasec Physical Protection Systems:

Physical security during the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris

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