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About us

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About Damasec Global Group

Our foundation is built on extensive experience from defence operations in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots.

Damasec Global Group is a leading commercial contractor. Damasec Global Group works with various areas such as mine clearance, equipment supplies and security contracts. Damasec Global Group cater clients such as governments, infrastructure, oil & gas, civilian contractors/companies, the UN, NGO’s, and various other organizations.

We are also the foremost supplier of specialized equipment within our core areas to Danish and international authorities.

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group is the preferred supplier to a range of international organizations, government agencies, governments, authorities, and private customers worldwide.

Mine Action Systems

Damasec Mine Action Systems is the leading commercial ammunition and mine clearance contractor in Denmark.

Defence Systems

Damasec Defence Systems is a supplier of products and solutions to Defense, Police, international organizations, and authorities.

Physical Protection Systems

Damasec Physical Protection Systems specializes in perimeter protection, security, and protection solutions.

Event Systems

Damasec Event Systems is a total provider of equipment and services for events, including security consultancy, guidance, and personnel for the setup and dismantling of our solutions.

Traffic Systems

Damasec Traffic Systems is the sole distributor of market-leading and innovative traffic modules used in the largest European cities.

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group was founded by leading specialists with experience from operations in the world’s most dangerous hotspots.






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With over 20 years of experience in security and protection solutions, we offer more than just products and services. We provide project management, competency and capacity building, consultancy, and quality assurance.


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