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In our DNA lies the understanding that errors cost lives

That’s why we get things right the first time. Damasec Global Group’s foundation is built on extensive experience from defense operations in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots – from mine clearance to securing embassies and cities.

Damasec Global Group has international experience in mine and ammunition clearance, products for defense, police, and security segments, physical protection solutions, event security, and traffic solutions.

Damasec Global Group is headquartered in Denmark.

With over 20 years of national and international experience at a high-security level.

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We make the world
a better place

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group is the preferred supplier to a range of international organisations, government agencies, governments, authorities, and private customers worldwide

Mine Action Systems

Damasec Mine Action Systems is the leading commercial ammunition and mine clearance contractor in Denmark.

Defence Systems

Damasec Defence Systems is a supplier of products and solutions to Defense, Police, international organisations, and authorities

Physical Protection Systems

Damasec Physical Protection Systems specializes in perimeter protection, security, and protection solutions.

Event Systems

Damasec Event Systems is a total provider of equipment and services for events, including security consultancy, guidance, and personnel for the setup and dismantling of our solutions

Traffic Systems

Damasec Traffic Systems is the sole distributor in Denmark of market-leading and innovative traffic modules used in the largest European cities.

Damasec Global Group

Damasec Global Group was founded by leading specialists with experience from operations in the world’s most dangerous hotspots.

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Damasec Global works

We believe that effective risk management is a crucial cornerstone of success. That’s why we prioritize knowledge sharing and involving all stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making.

We always keep our agreements

Damasec Global Group delivers functionality and quality on time and at the agreed price.

Turnkey services and partnering

We operate as a turnkey provider, main contractor, subcontractor, or partnering with governments, humanitarian organizations, businesses, and local authorities.

Education and training

We continuously build the capacity of our teams through training and education. Naturally, we also adhere to the UN’s ‘code of conduct’ and ‘Global Compact’.

Selected projects

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our team

Damasec Global Group has a highly specialized team with deep knowledge. The vast majority have a military background with extensive experience from defense operations in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots.

Damasec clears historically

military area in Sweden

Historic Swedish training ground cleared of grenades.

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