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Clearing of former military training ground in Sweden

Damasec Mine Action Services clears former military training grounds in Sweden.

It’s not every day that civilian companies are contracted to clear Swedish military training areas of unexploded ordnance. And it hadn’t happened before when Damasec Mine Action participated in clearing the former training ground, Myran Skydebane, near Falun, about 200 kilometers northwest of Stockholm, in 2013.

From 1909 to 1958, the Dalregimentet used the area as a shooting range. Swedes have a tradition of using explosives in their training ammunition, which significantly increases the threat level and places additional demands on Damasec’s ammunition clearance team.

In the project, the land was cleared of unexploded ordnance down to two meters below the surface. This was achieved by using probes that detect changes in the earth’s magnetic field, indicating potentially unexploded ordnance. The probes were mounted on tractors or carried by hand.

NIRAS served as the advisor to the main contractor, RGS90, while Damasec Mine Action was responsible for managing quality, risk, and environmental concerns. The client was Fortifikationsverket, equivalent to the Military’s Building and Establishment Service.

The project was a pilot initiative, during which a total of 295 pieces of unexploded ordnance and 9,165 pieces of ammunition scrap were removed.

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  • Project Clearing of unexploded ordnance
  • Client Fortifikationsverket
  • Category Ammunition clearance
  • Location Sweden
  • Year 2013-14