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Smukfest in Skanderborg

With 55,000 daily guests, 14,000 helpers, and a festival area the size of Fredericia, Smukfest is a formidable operation after 40 years. Today, Smukfest is Denmark’s 2nd largest festival. Damasec Event Systems was part of Smukfest in 2019.

“We thrive on advising on safety and creating secure events. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to have a strategic partner who can deliver equipment and solutions that we can stand behind together. We are pleased to utilize certified solutions, especially when it comes to safeguarding large crowds, for example, at the entrances to GRØN and Smukfest, ensuring that the equipment functions effectively. The solutions provided by Damasec also allow for a high flow of people through, ensuring both crowd safety against potential collisions and easy exit from the area, as well as facilitating the smooth passage of vehicles if necessary. It’s a mobile solution that is easy to assemble, dismantle, load, move, and transport, which is essential for us when operating within a 24-hour timeframe on the same site, as we do with GRØN.”

– Christian Sejlund, Advisor at Event Safety”

  • Project Festival
  • Location Skanderborg
  • Year 2019