About Damasec

Damasec Global Group is a privately-owned group of companies with HQ in Denmark.

With a longstanding and global experience, competence and capacity to plan and execute Mine Action-, Security- and Specialized equipment delivery contracts.

Damasec Global Group is a prominent and preferred supplier to many governments, international organizations, authorities and private clients worldwide when executing Mine Action projects and supplying high-quality solutions, equipment and services.

Damasec Global Group’s primary market is governmental organizations, international organizations, authorities, governments and private clients in Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East and Africa where mines, un-exploded ordnance, explosive remnants of war and terrorists brings a challenge to the ongoing living, business and society.

Damasec Global Group consists of three major business areas formed as subsidiaries.

Please read about the individual companies/divisions on the pages, linked below:

Damasec Defence Systems

Damasec Mine Action Systems (Including Damasec MENA Office)

Damasec Physical Protection Systems (including Damasec Event Systems)

Damasec Global Group was founded by Denmark’s leading specialists in these particular business areas to engage in national and international contracts and projects.

The company operates with the highest possible quality- and safety levels. The individual companies are focusing on their individual markets, and the teams behind each subsidiary are among the best trained in world.

Products and services include, but not limited to:

Damasec Mine Action Systems:

  • Clearance of firing ranges
  • Manual mine clearance
  • Battle Area clearance (BAC)
  • Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD)(EOD)
  • IEDD (clearing of improvised explosive devices)
  • Mechanical clearance (Clearance supported by armored excavators)
  • Deep search and data logging
  • GIS Services, Mapping and documentation
  • Drone Mapping services
  • Mine detection dogs
  • Bomb detection dogs
  • Training
  • Handling, collecting and disposal of fireworks and explosive chemicals.


Damasec Physical Protection Systems:

  • Perimeter protection:
    • Fences
    • Gates
    • Bollards, statis, automatic and temporary solutions
  • Blast Protection Solutions:
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Walls
    • Curtain walls/Facades
  • Bullet protection solutions:
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Walls
    • Curtain walls/Facades
  • Forced Entry protection solutions:
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Walls
  • Access control
    • X ray solutions
    • Metal detectores, active and passive
    • Handheld metal detectors.
  • Mail scanning
    • Total concept solution (all in one setup)
    • Including hazardous (CBRN) substances
  • Container solutions
    • Wet room containers
    • Protected containers
    • Ammunition storage containers
  • Armored vehicles.
  • Event Security:
    • ”One stop shop”/ all in one solutions:
      • Event Security planning, advisory and licensing
      • Temporary and rapid deployable Vehicle Barriers
      • Perimeter fencing, construction site fences
      • Police barriers
      • Bicycle barriers
      • Stage barriers
      • Command centers
      • Toilet solutions
      • Office containers
      • Storage containers
      • Power supply solutions
      • Access control
      • Security Staff
      • Medical staff
      • Drone protection


Damasec Defense Systems:

  • Equipment and supplies for military, police, government and organizations, such as but not limited to:
    • Remotely operated vehicles (ROV), small, medium and heavy systems
    • Remotely operated Tactical firing/target robot (TRACS)
    • Disrupters
    • Firing devices
    • Hook a line systems
    • EOD tools and equipment
    • X ray concepts for Military operations
    • Metal detectors and magnetometers for search and clearance operations
    • Anti-drone solutions
    • Jammers
    • Anti-bug system
    • TAGS (RFI, BT, WIFI, GSM and GPS) incl. management softwares
    • Mobile scanning and access control vehicles
    • RPG Protection solutions
    • Helicopter Slings and Cargo nets for military planes
    • Armored tactical vehicles
    • Training items for military and police units
    • Forced entry/breaching
    • Bullet proof vests
    • Demining and EOD suits
    • SOF equipment
    • Tactical clothing

Additionally, Damasec Global Group deliver project management, competence- and capacity building, consultancy, and quality assurance. 

If you want to know more about Damasec Global Group and subsidiaries, don’t hesitate to contact us.