Wall Reinforcement

Structural and seismic strengthening
The fabrics are a group of strengthening materials that can reinforce any structure. It can be glued to walls, columns, or crossbeams, minimising the damage to people and equipment caused by blasts or seismic disturbances.
The product can absorb the high-energy rates caused by an impact from a car to protect a column from collapsing.

Flexible fabric
The flexibility of the fabrics means it can be custom-designed to fit irregular shapes and cross sections, and it can be applied readily to the interior or exterior parts of a building, to concrete, masonry, steel, and wood.

Easy Installation
The product can be installed with minimal interruptions to the daily routines of an organisation. The epoxy resin used during the process is virtually nontoxic when applied, and completely nontoxic once fully cured.

Features & benefits 

  • Prevents defects caused by seismic action.

  • Blast mitigation.

  • Substitute for missing rebars.

  • Increases load capacity of structural elements.

  • Substitute for missing rebars.

  • Increases load capacity of structural elements.

  • Structural upgrading to comply with current standards.

Proven technology

Numerous structural tests have proven the benefits of the fabrics system over conventional strengthening methods.


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