Wall Cover

Blast protection
Wall cover is a versatile and cost effective solution for protecting people within buildings from the damage caused by explosions.
The product is capable of withstanding dangers from a variety of threats, substantially reducing the high level of injuries and fatalities caused from falling debris.

Rapid installation
The product requires minimal manpower and equipment to install, and can even be set up quickly by infantry troops in "hot zones" to the interior parts of buildings, as well as perimeter walls.

Discreet defense
The product can be fitted to any wall type, and can be made to resemble a regular wall's surface, making it suitable for use in both modern and historical buildings.

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced protection to walls with integrated blast-proof windows and doors

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Porous material maintains room ventilation

  • Can be painted with commercially available paint

  • Fire resistant

Proven technology
Countless blast tests and demonstrations have proven that Wall cover prevents structural fragmentation and projectile penetration into the interior part of a building.
These tests provide conclusive proof that Wall cover drastically reduces personal injury.


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