Street Furniture

Bollards can be designed to recreate an existing traditional theme ideal for heritage sites, or to create a more unique contemporary style. Furthermore, the bollards can be designed in almost anystyle/material, complement any landscape and meet the individual project requirements.

The planters are designed to fit into our public spaces whilst also mitigating the threat of vehicle-borne attacks. The product has a high strength frame and is designed to fit seamlessly inside a wide range of planter styles. Can be produced in various materials, providing a design-led, high performance security solutions.

Public realm design responds to the demand for exceptional levels of protection without compromising with the comfort and design of the seating. The structure of the seating has been developed to enable seating styles in various materials and styles, and can meet the requirements of any project.

Features & benefits 
  • Street furniture with hidden strengths – ensure a secure landscape
  • Provide physical protetion against hostile vehicle mitigation

  • Street furniture can be designed in almost any shape and style to fit seamlessly around the hidden steel frame: Outer beauty & inner strength

  • Damasec can provide architects, design expertise and technical support

Proven technology
The products have been successfully crash tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard for vehicle security barriers, and are designed to provide effective protection in proportion with all levels of risk, site vunerability and project budget. 



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