Quality Management

Implementation of professional demining, explosive ordnance disposal and security contracts requires that we have a complete and modern quality control system that can handle these types tasks.
Damasec has its own QM system but often works with internal and external quality contractors, such as consulting engineering firms, which carry out the practical part of quality assurance (QA) and final control (QC).
Damasec has its own documentation program, which makes daily inspections of the current quality possiblet, and also include a reporting system that is compatible with the e.g. IMSMA. This system can also be associated with other quality management and reporting systems the customers could want to use in exsisting projects. The solution can be implemented as a web-based solution.
The international standards and guidelines in general terms descripe, how quality is assured through the ongoing QA and the final QC of the product, and Damasec lives up to these standards at any time.

Damasec also provides consultants to the technical part of the quality assurance, where Damasec consultants are involved in the daily technical inspections. Damasec also participates in the ending QC in which control of technical equipment is made.
Quality control in accordance to security contracts have proven to be extremely important. For security surveys, implementation of mail-package-handling concepts and implementation of a blast protection system, it is extremely important, that we follow the right path from start to finish to cover all aspects of the proceedings from the begining.
The team behind Damasec has always had a reputation for delivering complete and workable solutions, which of course is a combination of technical knowledge and skills in conjunction with good and effective quality management.



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