With great succes some of our Specialized Physical Protection Solutions were demonstrated at the Blast Demo in Denmark.
Our custom designed solutions successfully proved that they could fulfil the highest levels of protection. All systems performed perfectly as they were designed to.
At Damasec Physical Protection Systems we continually explore and advance new solutions for the safety and protection of people who live or work in a need for protected building or environment.

We endeavour to continually develop and enhance our solutions and furthering optimization of the fact-finding, developing, design and installation processes with our engineer staff and skilled craftsmen.
We installed all solutions presented at the Blast Demo without the use of heavy machinery as we do all over the world. We have engineer and craftsmen team that can solve all type of work and challenges from the early beginning of a project and all the way to the protections systems are installed and operational.

We prioritize solid dialog and understanding in order to achieve customized solutions that fits the needs and demands at any given global place, area or location. As testimony to our commitment to identifying the right solutions, our team of experts will come to you no matter where you are located globally.

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