Physical Protection Systems

Building a safer world
Personal safety is paramount in the buildings where we live, work and otherwise go about our daily lives. If there is one thing nobody wants to worry about, then it’s whether the buildings they spend time in are potential targets for errorist attack.

At Damasec, we specialise in top physical protection systems that give total reassurance. We prepare buildings for the worst  – and ensure the minimum consequences should the worst happen. On top of that, our solutions don’t mean turning a home or workplace into an uninviting fortress.

Choose us for your physical protection needs, and you’ll findus dependable, solution-oriented and perfectly equipped to meet future global challenges.

Whether you are constructing a new building or reinforcing an existing one, oursystems provide maximum bomb, ballistic and break-in protection. Even in old, listed buildings, we can provide high performance fortification with no bars on windows and no detraction from any antique charm.

Our starting point is your building risk assessment. From the assessment’s recommendations, we not only identify the optimum solution for securing building structures, doors, windows and perimeters. We also install it, drawing on our own skilled team. For bigger projects, we appoint an on-site project manager responsible for quality assurance and documentation.

When necessary, we conduct our own blast tests to ensure the suitability of materials for a specific project. You can count on us to meet all your physical protection needs in one, total delivery.


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