SITKA in Europe


SITKA® GEAR is coming to Europe and has appointed Damasec Wear as their exclusive European Distributor.
Several years of demand for SITKA Gear.
The SITKA Gear has been highly demanded by users for many years, and the users have tried to get hold of the items for many years. This has only been possible if you have been visiting North America.
This has resulted in groups on Social medias and forums, in which the user has been discussing the possibilities to get the highly demanded products, and proudly shown their purchase to other, when getting hold of the items.
More than just Clothing
The philosophy by SIKTA Gear is to create Gear that no human should ever compromise your ideals or your equipment in your quest in nature.  SITKA Gear is not just designing Clothing as a collection, which is changing every year, but is a system building concept. I which you can adjust to the weather conditions, the conditions on the spot, and the form of hunting you are practicing that day.
Being a WL Gore & Associates Company and with the DNA of SITKA Gear you will find no compromise regarding quality of products used, and you will find a constant progress in developing new opportunities and materials, to make the hunters experience in nature better and last longer. The SITKA Gear system is a constant evolution, in which the hunter always has the option of optimizing the system.
Scientific based camouflage
SITKA Gear is creating most products in GORE Optifade Concealment, which has been developed during scientific research of the vision of the wildlife. Gore Optifade is a digital camouflage, which is the only one in the market developed by scientific studies of how the wildlife actually see things.  It’s build on two different visual plans; Micro- and Macro pattern, which insure the camouflage to work at both long as well as short distance. Sitka Gear is owned by WL GORE & Associates, known for the menbran GORE-TEX.
For further information, please contact:
Damasec Wear ApS
Brand & sales manager Dan Hyllested
Tlf. +4527132511