Damasec Mine Action

The team behind Damasec has, through a number of years, completed, assisted and participated in mine action projects around the world, including Denmark, Angola, Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Croatia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon.
Damasec can assist you with mine clearance in accordance with international mine clearance standards (IMAS).
This applies to management of mine clearance projects, manual demining, clearance by the use of dogs, tools in combination and in particular industrial mine clearance with the latest developed and highly advanced methods.
EOD (CMD), BAC and IEDD are also included in the competence packages that Damasec offers worldwide.

Damasec offers, in combination with the clearance of mines or as a stand-alone service, a complete GIS, mapping and documentation package, with map registration, databases, website etc.
Damasec offers professional and very specialized quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), as an essential part of the entire quality management program (QM).
Damasec has its own capacity building concept, where the deminers are trained for each specific task that Damasec participates in.




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