Doors And Windows

We have several years of experience in designing and supplying doors and windows solutions to all type of clients all over the world.

Windows can be designed as :

  • retro fit solutions on the inside of existing windows in classified or old buildings/monuments.
  • Replacement of existing windows.
  • New windows/door solution for a new building.

In our portfolio we also have curtain wall (storefronts) and façade solutions such as the façade of an airport, shopping center …etc

We can combine our doors, windows and glass curtain wall (storefront) solutions, into a “all in one” protection system against the 3 common threats : blast + ballistic + forced entry.


Blast mitigation
The blast mitigations window system includes commercial off-the-shelf solutions as well as tailor made projects. All products are based on a energy absorbing system.

The products can meet the highest blast protection requirements.

Ballistic resistance
The product provides effective protection against a variety of ballistics threats.

Forced entry protection
The products meet the demands for protection against forced entry after EN standards.

Proven technology
The energy-absorbing system has an outstanding ability to limit load transfer to the surrounding wall. So, should a bomb hit, the impact of the blast is easily contained. This eliminates the need for massive, ungainly window frames and heavy glazing units that detract from the building’s overall appearance.

When mounted on existing buildings, the windows provide an exceptional level of blast and ballistic protection. No additional reinforcement of building openings is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Customised solutions that meet special architectural requirements, including those of historical and listed buildings
  • Available as fixed or operable windows with tilt, turn or sliding features and as curtain walls
  • Easy installation in new and older buildings. May be fitted behind existing windows

  • Anchorage without interfering with building components

  • Compliance with strict weather and thermal specifications

  • We provide Curtin Walls in all blast levels. It Is designed to be used independently or as an integrated system in new or existing  buildings for almost any type of building.


Sample of a solution

The Cable Catch

Cable Catch

The Cable Catch system utilizes high strength steel cables anchors to the building’s structural support and is combined with specialist blast film. In an explosion, fragmented glass deflects from the energy absorbing cable and collapses, preventing causalities and injury from glass.

The system is installed on the existing windows and the window remain transparent. No constructive change or changes in appearance of the building.

Installed all over the world in embassies, government buildings and other high risk areas.


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