Composite Wall

The Composite Wall offers a unique integral protection throughout a building. We can design Composite Wall solutions for internal building protection, combined with doors and windows. It can be used as a stand-alone wall protector on the inside of an existing weak wall as well as supporting the weight of the protection windows.

It can be applied to various rooms throughout a building for example the reception area of a building, which in many cases would be the first point of contact. It can be built as a system against blasts, ballistic threats and forced entries.



Composite Wall can be used in many different protection solutions. Here we installed the Composite Wall with an L-shaped steel profile with bolt-nut connections on the inside of a light wooden wall.

The very same Composite Wall was subjected to two 500kg TNT blasts in the same week. The first blast was detonated two days prior to the actual Blast Demo. There were no damage to the wall after the two blast.

Download: Damasec Composite Wall Brochure