Damasec is a privately owned company with HQ in Denmark and with a longstanding and global experience, competences and capacity in the planning and execution of explosive ordnance disposal-, demining- and security contracts.
The company was founded by Denmark's leading specialists in these particular areas in order to engage in national as well as international contracts and projects.
The company operates with the highest possible quality- and safety levels, and the highest level of professionalism. The company seeks to deliver at the agreed time and at the price agreed.
The main company goal is to be the best supplier world wide.
Damasec has an extensive and comprehensive network both nationally and internationally, based on the existing networks and personal contacts among authorities, commercial companies, suppliers and organizations, including the international NGOs.
Damasec's primary market is governmental organizations, authorities, governments and companies in Denmark, where mines, ammunition and terrorist brings a challenge to the ongoing business and/or the society.
The secondary market is governmental organizations, governments and enterprises in the rest of the world, UN, EU, NATO and humanitarian organizations.
Damasec is being turned into the Damasec Global Group, containing a number of companies who is focusing on their individual markets.
Damasec Global Group consist of:
Damasec Defence Systems
Damasec Mine Action Systems


Damasec Physical Protection Systems

Please read about the individual companies/divisions on their pages.

Damasec is a main and preferred supplier to many governments and authorities world wide, when it comes to supply of high quality equipment and services.
Damasec have access to all the necessary and the variety of products and services to solve any demining-, explosive ordnance disposal- and/or security task.
This includes:

  • Manual search and detection
  • Industrialized clearing methods
  • Depth search and data logging
  • Map registration and documentation
  • Mine dogs
  • Bomb dogs
  • Mechanized clearance
  • BAC (clearance of battlefields)
  • Clearance of shooting ranges
  • EOD (clearing of conventional munition (UXO))
  • IEDD (clearing of improvised charges - e.g. terror bombs)
  • Access control
  • Mail scanning
  • Protection of workers and buildings including stand off means and equipment
  • Education and training
  • Management of fireworks and explosive chemicals

Additional Damasec supplies project management, competence- and capacity building, consultancy, quality assurance etc.
Damasec has the HQ placed in Copenhagen and brand office in Iraq.
If you want to know more about Damasec Global Group of companies and competences, don’t hesitate to contact us, see the contact page.